10 Collagen-Packed Foods That Will Help to Slow Down Aging


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There are certain types of foods that will help you feel better in an instant. Whenever we start talking about the meals that improve the health condition, we should not forget to mention the essentials that prove to be beneficial as they are included in our daily regime.

The experts recommend combining the foods you are going to see next for a better effect. You can mix the ingredients or simply add them to your meals as you are running errands or simply lounging about the house. Collagen is the type of protein that will maintain your skin smooth and supple, so the specialists recommend adding it to your eating plan.

If you decide to buy foods that are rich in the protein, you will soon feel the difference. We are not surprised that there are so many supplements that provide us with the daily dose of collagen without altering our health. Check out the protein-packed foods that will get you started. They are extremely delicious!

  1. To speed the process of regeneration and improve the state of your skin, pumpkin seeds should be added to your daily eating regime. Do not forget about the seeds every time you are making breakfast or sipping on a smoothie.

  1. If baking tomatoes are not the option that seems appealing, you can always try having a glass of tomato juice several times a day. The veggie is full of antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for our health.

  1. Green veggies are a must for everyone, who loves basking in the sun. They basically minimize the harmful effect of the UV rays on the skin, and this is another reason they should be included in the eating plan.

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids are often found in chia seeds. You can easily sneak them into your kitchen if you prefer baked goods or cereal. This is a great way to make sure your skin stays supple!

  1. Vitamin C prevents your skin from getting damaged while you are out in the sun, so make sure you have enough citrus fruits during the day.

  1. To avoid collagen degradation, have a spoonful of raspberries and strawberries in your day. The positive effect is noted at once.

  1. Sulfur that is contained in eggs enables collagen protection, so your skin will stay grateful in advance. This type of product is also a perfect option for breakfast.

  1. Avocadoes are loved for their natural properties. They are rich in vitamin E as well, which is responsible for making your skin shiny and luminous!

  1. Bone broth may seem like a dish that you won’t consume daily, but the experts generally call it collagen in its liquid form!