10 Celebs Who Look Nothing Like Their Actual Age


They look so young and very beautiful.

The special thing of celebs, especially women, as you know, has always been the appearance, the price of which is so high that they are willing to give millions to stay young and attractive longer. Some do plastic surgery, others thank the parental genes for good heredity. We are convinced that you can look younger not only due to surgery and genes, but also careful and regular care for yourself and your body at a young age.

They say that nothing is eternal. Our best years of life are a thing of the past, and our appearance is changing. But there are stars who look stunning at any age, and maybe even better than in their younger years.

Kate Winslet has become a more confident woman over the years. Her photos from the last red carpets show that in 40+ you can look at 30.

George Clooney is a clear example of the fact that age is becoming an ornament for men. We do not know what is the secret of eternal youth “of the Somali model Iman. But the fact remains: Yves Saint Laurent’s permanent muse, who turned 62 this year, looks much younger than her years! According to the model herself, the secret of her youth is sports, proper nutrition and a happy family life.

Jennifer Lopez, 49 years old. The woman manages to impress with her appearance, because it is the result of her work. And here is something to be proud of. The world-famous actress and singer Lopez is always active: she goes in for sports, does regular training, eats properly, and monitors her weight and overall health.

Former figure skater and now the author of the coolest wedding dresses Vera Wong looks no older than 45. The designer owes his slender figure to proper nutrition, and perfect skin – a complete waiver of tanning.

Heidi Klum, 47 years old. The woman states that the secret of her success is that she takes care of the children. At the same time she has four of them and they all help the star to keep fit. The woman pays a lot of attention to her diet and follows a multi-stage diet (fish, lean meat and vegetables), as well as spends a lot of time training in the gym. Thanks to this, she gets a great result! Look at her and other celebs.