10 Best Patriotic Films That Show What’s Great About the American Spirit.


Now I know what I will be doing on the evenings.

First, let’s clarify, what is patriotism? Who can be considered a true patriot? Undoubtedly, a patriot is someone who loves his country. But what is a “country”? This is the territory (landscapes, climate,) this is the population, citizens, this is the language, this is the past, the history, this is today’s achievements and problems, this is possible prospects and many others.

Is it possible to love a country without being able to love exactly those citizens whom you see almost everyday: members of your family, neighbors, colleagues, compatriots? A true patriot is a person who doesn’t shout about his love for the country and the people, but honestly does his job and knows how to help those people who are close and who need help.

In the list below you’re going to see 10 amazing patriotic movies that will help you to spend your evening time alone or with your family.

Number 10. Norma Rae, film of 1979.

Number 9. Historical drama pf 2005 “Good Night, and Good Luck” with incredible George Clooney and David Strathairn

Number 8. “Hidden Figures” a biopic drama.

Number 7. The Music Man – romantic comedy of 60s

Number 6. “Patton” – film about war released in 1970 Number

5. “Yankee Doodle Dandy” musical film.

Number 4. “Forrest Gump” – amazing movie with Tom Hanks that many people love.

Number 3. “Field of Dreams”, released in 1989. With Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta

Number 2. In 1983 the world saw the film “The Right Stuff”. Amazing script and actors. Do you remember?

Number 1. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” – the old movie that is truly one the best patriotic films ever.

Well now, you know top 10 great patriotic movies that raise national spirit. You can take your favorite food and drink and sit comfortably on your sofa and enjoy the movie from the list. God Bless America!