10 Absolutely Hilarious Quotes about Growing Old to Tickle Your Ribs


Made my day!

Here are the choicest quotes that prove age is just a number. Many people associate it with experience that doesn’t come cheap, but today, we are going to look at the bright side. After all, one can always improve the day by scrolling down through the sayings.

They remind us that the misconceptions that exist in the society are nothing more than stereotypes. There are a lot of seniors that agree to defy the rules and prove they have a lot of energy. However, they do not forget to joke about their age, which makes them even more fantastic and confident when it comes to serious conversations.

Make sure that you check out the quotations that seem to be the perfect reflections of the tendencies and trends that are connected with age. These gems of wisdom will make you smile in an instant, and we hope that you are going to be delighted when you see them on the screen. They were created to give belly laughs to the viewers!

  1. This saying is another proof that you can never give up, because it would be hard to get back to your normal lifestyle if you decide to ignore some of the common rules!

  1. Address books are no longer relevant for seniors. They are hoping to remain healthy and happy, and that is all that matters!

  1. According to Bob Hope, there are different stages of old. One of them involves crossing out people’s blood types because they have already aged. This is a hilarious take on the issue that has been bothering many seniors!

  1. When you are an adult, you realize that falling and getting up are processes that can’t be avoided. This is the truth that should be reminded to everyone around.

  1. Chevalier was right when he told the audience that old age is not as bad as some alternatives provided. The quote will make you laugh at once!

  1. Do not forget that being a senior comes with responsibilities! You can no longer call your family and complain about something that troubles you. You have to make decisions on your own.

  1. Maintaining a perfect shape at certain age can be problematic, especially if you want to feel happy throughout the day. You have to make an effort to achieve your goals!